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On occasion of 5 years completion of Noble gastro hospital a medical camp was organized in which 65 patients were seen and endoscopy procedures were done at minimal cost for poor patients.

Noble Gastro Hospital Invites you to join for 19th Clinic of Advance Gastro summit 2020

Dr. Yogesh Harwani Consultant gastroenterologist, hepatologist and interventional endoscopist .
Noble gastro hospital Ahmedabad. on 3rd Feb 2021 Wednesday at 8:30 to 9:30pm
Topic: Endoscopic ultrasound in gastro intestinal malignancy

Noble Gastro Hospital Invites you to join for 18th Clinic of Advanced Gastroenterology Summit 2020

Respected sir kindly join TODAY for 18th clinic of Advance gastro summit 2020
Dr Zaheer Nabi Consultant Gastroenterologist Asian institute of Gastroenterology Hyderabad. on 27th Jan 2021 wednesday 8:30 to 9:30 pm.
Topic: per oral endoscopic myotomy(POEM).

Noble Gastro Hospital Invites you to join for 16th Clinic of Advanced Gastroenterology Summit 2020

Respected Sir. kindly join TODAY for 14th clinic of Advance Gastro Summit 2020 by
Dr. (prof) Govind makharia. sr.consultant gestroenterologist Alims, New Delhi on 13th jan 2021. wednesday. 08:30pm.
Topic: Chronic diarrhea. Large bowel or small bowel.

Advanced Gastroenterology Summit 2020

Respected Sir. kindly join TODAY for 14th clinic of Advance Gastro Summit 2020 by
Dr. Mohan Ramchandani Gastroenterologist Asian institute of gastroenterology, Hyderabad. 30 th December Wednesday 8:30 pm.
Topic: Obscure and occult GI bleed

Advanced Gastroenterology Summit 2020

Respected doctor Association of physicians of ahmedabad and Noble Gastro Hospital, Ahmedabad have organized clinics in gastroenterology with national and international speakers starting from 30th september every Wednesday 8 to 9 pm. This clinics will continue till February 2021. All topics of gastroenterology will be covered. Programme link will be shared soon.

Dr Yogesh harwani teaching doctor collegues and community

Noble Gastro Hospital, 4th floor sankalp square 2, Chirag motors cross roads, Law garden to paldi road, Near jalaram mandir, Ellisbridge, Ahmedbad 380006 / Call: 079 26443999 / 26443888

๐ŸŽฆLIVE WEBINAR ON 3rd of May, Time โ€“ 11 AM -12 PM TOPIC: * Acute Pancreatitis , Stepwise Management ( physician & surgeon perspective) ๐Ÿ“ SPEAKER : Dr. Yogesh Harwani, DNB (Gastroenterology), Director & Gastroenterologist at Nobel Gastro Hospital, Ahmedabad ๐Ÿ“ MODERATOR -1 :Dr. Ashvin K Gadhvi,Md ( phy), pres. Assoc of Phy of Ahmedabad ๐Ÿ“ MODERATOR โ€“ 2 :* Dr. Pankaj Modi, Ms(surg)*, prof of surg. B J Medical College & Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad

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Dear sir, join me to get information on COVID 19 -- GASTROINTESTINAL IMPLICATIONS on 17th April 1 to 2 pm. Kindly hit the given link to participate in this Online CME you must use Zoom ID 95568821892 Dr Yogesh harwani Noble Gastro Hospital,Ahmedabad.

Dear Doctors, Advanced gastro summit 2020 on 31st may, Sunday held at J B Auditorium hall, Ahmedabad management association, IIM road aims at sharing knowledge on advances in gastroenterology with doctors. There will be live demonstrations on advanced endoscopy, case based panel discussion, debates, quiz and gastrointestinal disease problem solving lectures by International and national faculties. Registration is open.

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Noble Gastro Hospital Ahmedabad in collaboration with Rotary Club Tarapur Conducted free Gastroenterlogy and Endoscopy Camp In Tarapur Povided Free Consultation and Medicines to Approximately 170 Patients.On Occasion of Republic Day
Social service in economically backward areas

Happy to share first small bowel single balloon enteroscopy (small intestinal endoscopy) at Noble gastro hospital. Small intestinal narrowing and ulcer detected at 100 cms from IC valve found to have tuberculosis. This procedure can also help in dilatation of small strictures (upto 4 cms) of small intestines and preventing surgery.

Respected sir and madam we take pleasure to share SMALL BOWEL ENTEROSCOPY for small intestinal diseases diagnosis and treatment is now available at Noble gastro hospital, Ahmedabad.

Dear friends happy to share was invited as an Faculty to teach and give hands on training to young budding gastroenterologist of country and abroad in endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG) for treating obesity and Ovesco clipping for treating perforations and fistulae at Asia Pacific digestive week (APDW) 2019 Kolkata. Thanks to my mentor Dr Mahesh goenka and organizing committe to give me this oppurtunity.

Complications are known to occur in any advanced endoscopic procedure. We encountered an full thickness perforation 1.2 cm on lateral of duodenum (intestine) wall during scope manipulation while performing ERCP without being disturbed and panic we completed ERCP procedure thought twice what to do and decided to place an Ovesco clip. 12/6T OVESCO clip was applied and perforation was closed by endoscopy same time. This helped patient to recover from this life threatening complication early without any need of major surgery.
Lessons to be learnt
1. Dont panic while encountering any complication during endoscopy.
2. Think twice what best you can do in such situation being an endoscopist.
3. Always use carbon dioxide in any advanced endoscopic procedure
4. If you cannot do anything dont hesitate to call your surgical colleagues immediately.

Dear all happy to share we performed ARMA ( anti reflux mucosal ablation
a new endoscopic technique to tighten lower esophageal sphincter. Helpful for those who don't have response to medical therapy for heartburn. Can be performed for patients with Lax LES. Mucousa at GE junction is ablated in a butterfly pattern with time this leads to contraction of tissue and tightening of stricture preventing reflux. This is simple endoscopic day care procedure.

Respected sir/madam happy to share we are regularly performing GERDx (Endoscopic fundoplication) for patients with Refarctory gastro esophageal reflux disease with encouraging results. This is endoscopic day care procedure suitable for LAX LES and small haitus hernia patients.

NIGCON - 2019, Academic Program for Gastroenterology - 900 Doctors attended this program and were trained in various diseases of gastroenterology.

Dear Sir/Madam happy to share we at Noble gastro hospital have now completed 5 cases of endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty with good results. This technique is highly recommended for patients with BMI upto 40. Youngsters with metabolic syndrome, obese with fatty liver, helps in treating and preventing diabetes hypertension sleep apnea. This is day care procedure without any complications.

Dear All,
Happy to share Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty performed at noble gastro hospital in a patient with BMI 35.8. This procedure is new technique by which 30 percent of total body weight loss can be achieved in 6 months by endoscopy. It has no scars and there is no cutting. Recommended for those with BMI between 25 to 40 and those with fatty liver who are unable to loose weight. Helps in preventing and controlling diabetes, hypertension, obstructive sleep apnea and cardiac disorders. Thanks to Dr Saumin shah and Dr Vivek tank and entire Noble Gastro Hospital Ahmedabad /Noble Institute of Gastroenterology team to be there with me. Thanks to Ms. Rebecca salvi from Apollo endosurgery for being with us.

Dear Friends,
Happy to share that I performed and demonstrated live endosocpic case for esopahgeal stenting for advanced esophagus cancer during gastro update conference at surat today.

Expert opinion on surgically extracted intestinal worms falsely claimed as undigested noodles

Alt News contacted Dr. Ruparel, who is a general surgeon. He stated, โ€œIt is definitely not noodles. It canโ€™t be, they are too intact. Once in the stomach, the noodles would have turned into a liquid form due to the gastric juices. These are roundworms that are common in the human digestive system. This video, and other similar ones, have been circulating on social media a lot, but the claim is not true.โ€

We also contacted Dr Yogesh Harwani, a gastroenterologist at Noble Gastro Hospital, Ahmedabad. โ€œThis video shows small intestine obstruction due to worms. This infection occurs maximum in developing nations. Usually, humans get infected by eating uncooked food or children get infected after playing in contaminated soil. Worms can lead to intestinal obstruction, blood loss and severe abdominal pain,โ€ he said.

This picture juxtaposes a screenshot from the viral video (on the left) and a picture of roundworms (on the right). The comparison shows that the two look the same.

Endoscopic Pancreatic Necrosectomy for Pancreatic Necrosis

Dear friends happy to share we performed EFTR (Endoscopic full thickness resection) for duodenal NET (tumour) 1 cm as this tumour was infiltrating with muscularis propria (third layer) full thickness resection of tumour was performed by applying ovesco clip and full thickness resection till serosa was performed.
This new procedure helps to remove small tumours ( till 2 cm) by endosocpy.

Doctors at Noble gastro hsopital performed two third space endoscopic surgeries back to back for Achalasia Cardia called per oral endoscopic myotomy a foodpipe motility disorder in which patient has inability to swallow food. This involves no external incision and entire surgery is performed per orally by endoscopy.

Capsule Endoscopy

Per oral endoscopic myotomy performed at Noble Gastro Hospital for Achalasia cardia this is an endoscopic method for treating difficulty in swallowing food. Diagnosis of Achalasia is confirmed by manometry.

Dear seniors and friends happy to share OVESCO clipping by endoscopy for enterocolonic fistulae. This 55 year female had chronic diarrhoea because of this fistulae. No evidence of cronhs disease. We placed an Ovesco clip by which connection between small intestine and colon was closed. Now diarrhoea have significantly reduced and she is gaining weight. Ovesco clips can be placed endoscopically for acute and chronic enteric esophageal and gastric fistulae leading to fistulae closure.

Advanced Gastro Summit 2019 on 20th January Was a Big Success in Which New and Recent Updates in #Gastroenterology Were Discussed and #EndoscopicProcedures Were Demonstrated Live for Academic Knowledge Sharing to Doctors.
Reputed National and International Speakers Participated in This Conference. My Heartily Thanks to All Involved in Making This Programme Happen and Special Thanks to All Noble Gastro Hospital Ahmedabad /Noble Institute of Gastroenterology Staff, Technicians and Uva for Working Hard to Make This Event Happen .

A contribution to academics by NOBLE GASTRO HOSPITAL. International and national faculty will deliver lectures on various diseases of gastroenterology and will perform live endoscopic demonstrations. This is an academic programme which should not be missed by doctors willing to upgrade knowledge in gastroenterology.

An Educative Programme on Bariatric Endoscopy at Balasinor Lions Club by Dr. Yogesh Harwani - Gastroenterologist.

Dr Yogesh Harwani was interviewed by Radio Mirchi for newer treatment of obesity by endoscopy. These procedures are safe and do not require admission. Patient is discharged on same day. This method helps to reduce 20 to 25 percent of body weight. Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty non surgical weight reduction procedure is now available at Noble Gastro Hospital Ahmedabad.

Dr Yogesh Harwani did endoscopic surgert for a large 5 cm tumour (polyp) this was removed by endoscopy from large intestine in a 4 year old child who was bleeding per rectum.

International patients visit Noble Gastro Hospital frequently for gastroenterology related problems. Recently a couple from Uganda visited Dr Yogesh harwani and Dr Gautam tamboliya for there gastro problems and they received satisfactory treatment

Noble Gastro Hospital conducted free medical camp for gastro related diseases in coordination with Sirat community on 21st October. This was a social service step towards welfare of humanity by Noble Gastro Hospital

Noble Gastro Hospital conducted MEGA gastro camp in which 350 gastro related patients were seen along with free endoscopy and medicines @ Jawad, Madhya pradesh. Camp was conducted by Dr Yogesh harwani

Dr Yogesh Harwani educating on newer modalities and diagnosis with treatment of constipation to doctors on 31st august 2018

Dr Yogesh Harwani education doctors of maninagar medical association on advantages of endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) in gastrointestinal practice

CME for doctors conducted at Noble Gastro Hospital covering topics on Advance management of Acid reflux and Constipation by Dr Yogesh Harwani and Dr Gautam tamboliya

Dr Yogesh harwani educating students on liver disease in Manila, Phillipines

Dr Yogesh Harwani was invited to talk on Role of S adenosyl methionine in liver disease to Gastro doctors in Manila, Philippines.

85 year old male with difficulty in swallowing solids and liquids. This problem was because of cancer found on endoscopy. As he was very old and surgically unfit we placed a stent in food pipe by help of endoscopy. Now he is able to eat every kind of food. Such endoscopic stent placement are day care procedure and good palliative methods in patients who cannot undergo surgery and chemotherapy.

On occasion of completion of two succesful years of NOBLE GASTRO HOSPITAL camp was organized for poor patients on 25th March in which 110 patients got gastroenterology consultation with endoscopy services. In last two years NOBLE GASTRO HOSPITAL served more then 10000 patients with gastroenterology problems.

Dr Yogesh Harwani educating doctors on treatment of gastric reflux and heart burn.

ENDOSCOPIC ULTRASOUND guided coil placement and glue injection for bleeding refractory gastric varices.
These is New method for stopping bleeding through abnormal veins in stomach in patient with liver cirrhosis who do not respond to routine endoscopic treatment.

Colonic (large intestine) stenting

Colonic (large intestine) stenting for colo-uterine fistulae means connection between large uterus due to cancer in 90 years old female in which surgery was not possible because of age and general condition In this case covered stent was placed in large intestine to cover this communication after which by created track by stent patient was able to pass stools through anus. Earlier she was passing stools through vaginal opening as due to cancer unnatural passage was formed between large intestine and uterus.

Intragastric spatz balloon placement

This is balloon placement in stomach for patient with obesity who have BMI between 30 to 35. This is non surgical technique balloon is placed endoscopically. Procedure is just of 15 min and patient can go same day home.

Gastro camp at neemuch were 255 patients were treated free of cost for gastro intestinal disease