Patient Speak

Dear Dr Yogesh
Firstly I would like to thank you on behalf of my whole family because when a patient suffers from a chronic disease, its not only the patient but the whole family that bears the burden. Thanks to you this burden now seems to be minimal. Also, I now can say that I am no more afraid of colonoscopy, all credit goes to you and your team for that.
When we started our journey from London, me and my husband were a bit skeptical regarding treatment. But after meeting you and the wonder that your combination of drugs did, I think we made a right decision to start treatment in Ahmedabad. I am also grateful that you not only prescribed medicines but also guided me for having a proper diet so that I could regain my health at faster rate. My best wishes to you and your team. Keep up the noble work...

Delnaz Savai

First i would like to thanks dr.yogesh hirwani my mom ilaben bhatt was suffering from Adenomastous polyp with mild to moderate dysplasia. she had successful surgery for polyp with dr.yogesh hirwani in sterling hospital ahmedabad. it was hard time for us with my mom and one of my dr.uncle suggest us dr.yogesh for Gastroenterologist in ahmedabad and he take care of my mom real good and did wonderful job he is the best Gastroenterologist Doctor i ever found.he suggest us each and every step with insurance as well so it should be economical charges for us to get treated.
I really appreciate his effort he put in his patients and way he take care i must say best Gastrologist in ahmedabad. once again my hole family thank you DOC and good wishes for your future and lots of blessings from my mom.

Dhruv Bhatt

First of All i thank to dr yogesh karwani sir n his team my brother was suffering from peptic ulcers n severe stomach pain since many years. We consulted mAny doctors but only dr harwani cured it. I and my family really thankful to him n will never forget the efforts done by team nig to cure my brother.
Dr yogesh harwani has much experience in gastro field so suggest personally everyone to consult for any gastric n hepatic problem .

Arvind Bharwad

Dr yogesh harwani is best doctor he has treated my freind he was suffering from severe stomachache consulted many doctors but lastly after4 years we came to know that nig is one of d best hospital. We consulted dr yogesh harwani and after doing investigations came conclusion that he was suffering from ulcers n he is now better n well. Thanks to dr yogesh sir n team nig.

Pruthviraj Parmar

Very Good Treatment cured my mother in a week or two. She was treated by many doctors but of no use. He cures diseases from root level.

Akshay Udhani

Dr yogesh harwani and his team is very talented his response towards patient is also good. He cured many uncurable cases really its very surprising.

Divya Labana

Dr yogesh harwani has a good talent and very skillful His experience is wast and has good experience of gastro field. Advanced technology too in his center.

Maherin Parasara

Dr yogesh harwani has skills to cure patient any how because he has wast experience n great knowledge . He is only one of the best dr in gujarat n in ahmedabad too in gastro field . Also he has advanced tricks to cure patient . His team is too cooperative with patient.

Dr Jayendra Patel

My Mother Mrs. Dhanvantiben Gunani was hospitalised under Dr. Yogesh Harwani observation and he is very good advisor and having great experience If you are looking for best gastroenterologist, you can certainly meet with him. Thank you very much sir.

Bharat Gunani

It is very happy for all of us that in gujrat very 1st time with advance technology gastro hospital is there and that is NIG in ahmedabad and i m very thankfull to Dr.yogesh harwani and its team provided me very well and safe treatment


Dr yogesh harwani n team nig having a vast experience thanks to them they have provided nice facility vid polite nature. Best doctor in ahmedabad in gastro feild.

Mitul Patel

No doubt he is the Best Gastroenterologist In Ahmedabad. His knowledge in his field is fantastic and is very polite at the same time.

Emma Stones

Noble gastro hospital is best hospital bed advanced technology and Dr Yogesh harwani has a lot of experience and serves better with patient.

Bhavesh Labana

Dr yogesh harwani having great experience in gastro field n best gastroentrologist in ahmedabad. best facilitied provided in gastro field. advanced facilitied are available at nig and having good n polite nature...

Deepak Shrimal

Dr yogesh harwani has a vast experience in these gastro feild n provides best facility to patients. Having polite nature. Nig is one of the best hospital in Gujarat with advance technology

Dr Ronak Patel

Best in gastro. Hello sir u r the best in gastro thanks for solving my problem of by the help of your support. So thank you very much sir. As per my advise to all if the problem of gastro to meet dr. Yogesh harwani. Thanks....

Chintan Padhiyar

Dr Yogesh P Harwani is best dr in gujrat thanks for awesome treatment

Juber Memon

Excellent treatment by big team Both doctors are very good

Savan Nayak

Superb hospital with well experienced doctors And advance facilities....

PruthviRaj Parmar

Indeed a best gastroenterologist. Wonderful results....overall hospital setup and service is simply awesome...NIG (NOBLE INSTITUTE OF GASTROENTEROLOGY) hospital has a great future ahead...

Sweety Bhavsar

Dr. Yogesh is one the best Gastroenterology Doctors in Ahmedabad. Everything went out very smoothly.

Bharat Manghnani

Best doctor ever met. Solved a major problem which no other Dr could solved in past 7 months. My dad is patient of borehaaves syndrome (esophagus rupture) he was not abel to eat since feb'17 and we faced alots of problems gone through surgery,stenting etc but were unable to get proper treatment but Dr.Yogesh harwani Sir just cured my dad in two days and my dad started taking orally... I can call him Dr with MAGICAL HANDS... Thanx a ton to Dr.Yogesh harwani and NIG team.

Harsh shah